Pen-rod heat transfer machine

Pen-rod heat transfer machine

Model No.︰H-TC80PRA

Brand Name︰KC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 10300 / pic

Minimum Order︰1 pic

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Product Description


In diameter, 20mm large and multi-color printed pen products, such as a ballpoint pen, pencil, marker, whiteboard pen, gel pen, pen, pencil, lipstick, medical syringes, bamboo chopsticks and other small-diameter heat transfer decoration of objects designed for fully automatic surface heat transfer machine. The high printing speed, print quality and stability. Automatic loading and unloading, saving labor intensity, and rocker transport mechanism running smoothly.

Technical Parameter︰

1、Object Diameter:φ6~φ20 mm 
2、Object Length:55~160 mm 
3、Printing Stroke: 20~80 mm 
4、 Printing Speed: 3000 pcs/hr- 
5、 Power: 220V 50/60Hz 5.5kw 
Feeding motor:25W; 
Mainly Motor:375W; 
Roller Motor: 60W; 
6、Weight: ≈550kg 
7、Roller size: D125×150mm 
8. Heater Wattage: 1KW。

Production Advantage ︰

× Chain-type transmission organizations, transmission efficiency, stable operation; 
× Can be adjusted depending on the length of the barrel of the width of the trough, and the width of the transmission chain; 
× High-speed printing, the normal speed of up to 2500 / h, up to 4000 / h; 
× Automatic Foil collecting device, the length of the winding can be flexibly adjusted; 
× Additional compressed air dust removal device can be dust in the pen before printing to a minimum; 
× Can be adjusted according to different substrates with different temperature, automatic temperature control, to ensure a stable transfer; 
× All-electric control, no compressed air; 
× Automatic feeding and Laying-off; 
× Running smooth and printing stroke, the speed is adjustable; 
× Taiwan frequency converter to control the constant torque operation to ensure consistent printing results; 
× Hot head height can be flexibly adjusted.

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