Why choosing Hydraulic hot stamping machine

There are three types of hot stamping machine: Pneumatic hot stamping machine, hydraulic stamping machine and electric hot stamping machine.
1) From the stamping pressure point of view, the same size stamping machine, hydraulic stamping machine, followed by the electric hot stamping machine, pneumatic hot stamping machine minimum;
2) From the use of perspective, pneumatic stamping machine widely used, focusing on a single product bronzing, electric hot stamping machine is suitable for paper and film, while the hydraulic stamping machine is more suitable for embossing, die-cutting and large gilt;
3) from the speed point of view, electric hot stamping machine fastest, followed by hydraulic stamping machine and pneumatic hot stamping machine;
4) in terms of stability, the compressibility of the fluid is small, so, hydraulic stamping machine, high stability, without the need for additional ordering air compressor