Automatical two colors Ball screen printing Machine

 Automatical two colors Ball screen printing Machine

Model No.︰SA2-20BV8

Brand Name︰KC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 13800 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

   The balloon screen printing machine belongs to the category of flat screen printing machines, but because the balloon needs to be blown up to a certain size before printing, its softness determines that it will deform under a certain pressure, so the printing accuracy cannot be high, and the accuracy of overprinting Also very low. But the silk screen printing machine is currently the only printing machine that can print on balloons. The fixture of the balloon screen printing machine is a tray, and the balloon is held up during printing, while the screen printing screen and screen printing squeegee are exactly the same as other screen printing machines, but the ink has very distinctive characteristics, such as excellent flexibility and pull Extensibility, its drying speed is also very high. The balloon screen printing machine also has the difference between the standard screen printing machine and the rotary screen printing machine, which mainly determines the difference in the number of fixtures. In addition, when the number of colors exceeds four colors, it is also very common for balloon screen printing machines to adopt the structure of chain assembly line transmission. 

SA2-20BV8 Automatical Two colors Balloon screen printing machine//Structure

Working table

8-station Rotating workbench

To be printed

Variety of inflatable balloons

Squeegee stroke

Adjust the Limited switch

Squeegee and screen plate control

 High precision guide shaft

SA2-20BV8  Automatical Two colors Balloon screen printing Machine //Parameters

Technical parameters

  • Max Printing speed:500Pcs/H;
  • Max Printing area: 150*150(mm;
  • Thickness of substrate:200(mm)
  • Table size:180*180(mm)
  • Max frame size:300*250(mm
  • Power :220V/50HZ

Works supply

  • 110V-220V Power supply;
  • 5-7Barcompress air;

Package parameters

  • Package dimension:3580mm×3530mm×1420mm
  • Gross weight: 750kg
  • CBM: 16.459





SA2-20BV8 Automaticaly Two colors Balloon screen printing Machine//Advantage


  • Microcomputer control of single-chip operating technology, brand-name electronic components with electrical equipment;
  • Pneumatic manual placement, automatic quantitative inflatable device to ensure that balloon size and stability;
  • High precision dial table, accurate and stable transmission;
  • Two - color precision silk screen, overprint accurate;
  • Pneumatic screen printing device, easy to adjust and simple;
  • Silk screen finished, the balloon automatically deflated, easy to remove the hand.

Application︰ At some festive parties, you must have seen all kinds of balloons, and you must have thought of how they are printed. In fact, most of these balloons are printed using screen printing machines. Printing balloons are different from printing other products. Printing balloons must first inflate the balloon to a certain size before printing. After the balloon contacts the screen, its contact surface will be compressed into a flat surface for printing.
The printing of balloons is not technically difficult. The difficulty is how to print on any position of the balloon at will. This requires work on the fixture holding the balloon. The arbitrary control of the balloon position also determines the balloon printing position. Feel free to control.
This video just shows the process of two-color printing on the same part of the balloon.

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