Automatically ruler screen printing machine

Automatically ruler screen printing machine

Model No.︰SA1-2030MUV

Brand Name︰KC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 11470 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Automatically ruler  screen printing machine//Structure



Working table

4 Station rotating working table


automatically Rotating working table

To be printed

Plain objects

Rotating angle


Squeegee and screen plate control

 High precision guide axis

Ink drying

UV ink, UV Drying tunnel



Automatically ruler screen printing machine//Usage and characters


  • Precision rotary screen printing machine, suitable size 200mm * 300mm below the ruler, plastic panels, CD boxes and other plane monochromatic UV printing products;
  • Smooth operation, high efficiency, intelligence, suitable for flat screen a variety of plastic products, such as injection molding;
  • High precision indexing disk control, portable and reliable, greatly reducing operator employees work intensity;
  • Suitable UV ink, ink thickness, bright colors;
  • Precision screen printing equipment, high precision screen printing;
  • Brand pneumatic components, ensure that the machine life.


  • Meter , Plastics panel, CD case, Mobile cover

Automatically 1-color ruler screen printing Machine //Parameters

Technical parameters

  • Max printing thickness:0-20 MM;
  • Max printing area:200X300mm
  • Size of working table: 450×650mm;
  • Max printing speed:2500cs/H.
  • Printing number: 1;
  • Drying mode: UV;
  • Max height of screen frame: 100mm;
  • Max size of screen frame: 500*700mm;
  • Wattage of UV lamp : 4KW.

Works supply

  • 3 Phase 380V Power supply;
  • 5-7 Bar compress air

Package parameters

  • Gross weight: 1010kg
  • Wooden case dimension:2430×2430×1850mm;
  • 10.9241CBM





Automatically 1-color ruler screen printing machine//Advantage


  • Automatic programmed procedures operating techniques;
  • Precision indexing plate to ensure smooth rotation, flexible and comfortable;
  • High strength column to ensure the machine is more stable;
  • Monochrome printing, auto-rotation, high printing efficiency;
  • Screen can be flexibly adjusted according to different printing size;
  • Lift the stencil can be flexible, easy to check the print quality;
  • High stability bench, to ensure that no shaking when printing;
  • UV drying device drying efficiency;
  • PLC control system; easy to operate.

Application︰ The drawing tools used by students, such as rulers, set squares, and protractors, are usually printed with flat screen printers. At first, semi-automatic screen printers were used, which was too slow and difficult to deliver quickly, especially because of the increase in labor costs in China. The profit of value products has become meager, so since 2014, many machinery manufacturers have begun to design and produce fully automatic drawing tool screen printers. This screen printer can generally print all three types of drawing tools at a time. It uses automatic loading Material and turntable worktable, flat screen printing and UV curing methods. , The automatic drawing tool screen printing machine is very popular in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Middle East countries.

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