Guangzhou international screen printing technical exhibition

On May 16, DS printech China 2023, a brand event in the screen printing, textile printing, digital imaging and special printing industries, was grandly opened at the Canton Fair ...

Screen printing machine and UV spot Powder technicals

The screen printing machine uses a screen printing plate, which is a printing plate that separates the graphic area and the non-graphic area on the transparent screen with photos ...

Glass screen printing technology and full automatic glass bottle hot stamping machine

Glass cannot be gilded directly. Usually, the gilding layer is silk-screened on the glass surface, and then gilding is performed. The process is briefly described as follows:silk ...

The fully automatic garment printing machine introuduction

The fully automatic garment printing machine has a unique structure in the screen printing machine. All the printing heads and worktables rotate around a central layout. Due to t ...

How to print on plastics crates?

Plastic turnover boxes and plastic frames occupy an important position in the transshipment of fragile products and fragmented products, especially in various factories, they are ...

Slant-arm screen printing machine

Limitations efficiency pneumatic screen printing machine by air transport is difficult to have a big raise, with the cam arm structure to control the network version of the drop ...

Automatic screen printing machine for coffee cups and drinking cups

Cups are containers for drinks that people commonly use in their daily lives. There are many kinds and wide range of uses. They can hold beverages, coffee, water and some soups. ...

How to Foil stamping on oval glass bottles

The glass surface cannot be gilded directly. If gilding is required, a coating can be established on the glass surface first. There are many ways to establish the coating, such a ...

How to print on 5-Gallon mineral water bucket

Printing of 5 Gallon Mineral Water Buckets Nowadays, people's household water generally uses bottled water, and the PC mineral water bucket with a capacity of 5 gallons or about ...

How to hot stamping on plastics flying disc

Europeans like a Frisbee sport very much, and the Frisbee in motion is made of polyethylene material. The factory that makes the Frisbee will require bronzing and heat transfer. I ...

The usual configuration of a high-quality pad printer

The market differentiation of pad printing machines has become more and more obvious in recent years. Some users are sensitive to price requirements, while others are sensitive t ...

How to choose pad printer for helmet?

Construction sites, heavy machinery factories and some occasions where there are falling objects, motorcycle drivers are required to wear helmets for protection. The decoration o ...

Do you know how to print cup?

Cups are often encountered containers in people's daily lives, as printing practitioners, we often encounter many customers asking how cups are printed? There are also many kinds ...

Why choosing Hydraulic hot stamping machine

There are three types of hot stamping machine: Pneumatic hot stamping machine, hydraulic stamping machine and electric hot stamping machine.1) From the stamping pressure point of ...

How to choose pad printing machine

Pad printing machines have been popularized for decades, and manufacturers are constantly upgrading in terms of structure and performance. Users will also provide advice based on ...

UV LED technicals and UV curing machine

UV curing ink technology is called the revolution of ink curing technology, but with the development of printing technology, UV curing technology also shows some defects, such as ...

Garbage can screen printing machine and technical

Urban garbage removal is inseparable from trash cans. Those trash cans placed in every corner of the city do not seem to be regarded as landscapes, but if there are no trash cans ...

Full automatic hot stamping machine for gift case

The bronzing machine of a single sheet of paper with a small size plane can be hot stamped one by one with a semi-automatic hot stamping machine, but the speed is very slow, and ...

Do you know lure hot stamping machine and heat transfer machine

Luya fishing is a popular fishing method in Europe and the United States. It is a fishing method that attracts aggressive fishes by installing a simulated small fish on a hook. L ...

How to decorate pencil with wooden pole

A pencil is a frequently used writing and drawing tool. It consists of two parts, one part is the pen core and the other part is the pen barrel. The pen core is generally made of ...

Pen-rod UV screen printing technology

As stationery, pens undoubtedly the biggest market share, Zhaobi decorated around various craft emerged. Although the use of solvents in the ink pen above process is simple, good ...

Decoration on bottle-cap

Bottle-cap decoration mainly relates to the screen printing, pad printing and bronzing. In many of the liquor, cosmetics, food, medicine, chemical products production chain, smal ...

The automation of pad printer

Automated printing machine determines their prices. But what is meant by automatic printing machine it? Broadly speaking, can automatically stop the movement known as automatic p ...

Full automatic roll to roll hot foil stamping machine

If paper or film materials are used as substrates, whether in sheet form or roll materials, any printing process must face it. The bronzing process is no exception. The bronzing ...

Crate foil stamping, how to choose?

Fragile glass products and ceramic products are often transported using plastic turnover boxes as carriers. There are also many plastic boxes and frames used to store odds and en ...

Automatic bottle cap hot foil stamping machine with rotating workbench

The hot stamping on the side of the bottle cap is a process often used in cosmetic caps. Some caps require hot stamping of gold or silver lines at the opening, and some caps requ ...

The structure of automatic screen printing machine

The automatic cylinder screen printing machine mainly has three structural forms, the vertical turntable type screen printing machine, the horizontal turntable type screen printi ...

The integration of the printing processis a trend

When people talk about which printing process is more advantageous, you have actually fallen into a choice trap. Obviously, no printing process is perfect, and no printing proces ...

Image setter for pad printing and screen printing

Exposure to the sun tied the film to fit the plate substrate on the UV sunshine machine on the exposure, through the backplane production model is the basic process of traditiona ...

Customized hydraulic hot stamping machine for crates

Plastic baskets are commonly used in supermarkets, restaurants, internal material transfers in factories, and large-scale liquid filling factories: such as beer, beverages and ot ...

Inkjet printer and heat transfer film process technical

The heat transfer process on pure cotton fabrics is a mature example of fabric printing technology. It uses a flat heat transfer machine or heat transfer machine to transfer the ...

How to customize automatic pad printer for user

The semi-automatic pad printing machine is slow, the workers are troublesome, and it is difficult to complete the printing tasks of large-volume orders. Now more and more custome ...

About accurate of pad printing machine

Pad printing machines are generally not considered to be precision printing machinery. In addition to the deformation of the pad printing head itself and the defects of the pneum ...

Gilding process for large diameter PP bucket

PP plastic buckets are widely used in the market. It is mainly used to hold lubricants, hydraulic oils, paints, resins and various decorative materials. Among them, plastic barre ...

Pad printing machine with Horizontal scraping system

The inkcup pad printing machine is very environmentally friendly, but the printing pattern size of the inkcup pad printing machine must be smaller than the coverage area of ​​the ...

How to choose Cylinder UV drying machine

The chemical resistance of UV inks makes them widely used in cosmetics, petrochemicals, detergents, etc., but the UV ink drying process requires a special UV curing machine to pr ...

Rotating workbench pad printer become market trend

The pad printing machine has advantages in printing on plastic products, which has made the printing machine show a rapid growth trend in the Chinese market and the global market ...

Cloth decoration technical

Screen printing is all about printing, and it also shows your printing skills. If you can show the art of screen printing to a fascinating state of mind, I am afraid that non-clo ...

How to screen printing for Ruler,Set square, protractor

When we are reading, we will see plastic size measuring instruments, which usually include rulers, triangles, and protractors. These drawing instruments are the enlightenment too ...

Why use UV ink by automatic screen printing machine

Why do most automatic screen printers choose UV inks?The basic requirements of the automatic screen printing machine for the printing process are fast, consistent and uninterrupt ...

How to foil stamping on glass cups

Glass-made cups are often encountered in everyday life. Most glass cups are printed by silk screen.     However, many customers use a bronzing process to decorate the cup.      G ...

Attend Guangzhou printing and package exhibition

5.21-5.24 Guangzhou Printing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition opened at Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition. KC Printing Machinery exhibited the latest design and production of hydraul ...

How to stamp onto Shopping bags

The molded shopping bag is similar to an open rectangular box for shoes, hats, clothing, high-end gifts, or some electronic products. It is widely used and is a common commodity ...

Laser cutting machine for cloth

A laser cutting machine is a laser device that forms a contour cutting gap on a cloth surface by a computer-controlled high-energy laser beam. The laser from the laser is focused ...

Egypt customer visited KC

Egypt customer visited KC

Shopping bag hot stamping machine

When people go shopping on the street, merchants will provide a shopping bag, and the extra shopping bags that consumers get will greatly satisfy the convenience of carrying goods ...

Balloon screen printer with manual rotating table

In recent years, people have realized that the important role of the turntable in the screen printing machine, pad printing machine, and bronzing machine industry has been to inst ...

Large size pad printing machine with servo system

The pad printing machine is suitable for printing small size products. However, in recent years, there has also been a trend toward large-size printing, especially those that are ...

Two foils overprint with hot stamping machine

The bronzing process can achieve metal decoration effect on the surface of the product. If the two-color and multi-color bronzing is realized by silk screen printing or pad print ...

How to print PVC wristband

The wristband is a kind of symbol worn on the wrist. It is used to identify the specific people's information identification and effective management. It is widely used in medica ...

The Market of pad printer

The face of global and domestic markets China is in the initial stage of capital accumulation, the completion of a strategic resource integration period, Pad printing machine man ...

Rotary screen printing machine sells worldwide

It is a recent hotspot to upgrade a single-face flat screen printer to a faster rotary screen printer. It greatly improves the work efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of wor ...

About ribbon decoration

The printing of webbing mainly includes silk screen printing, bronzing and sublimation thermal transfer.Silk screen printing is the most important form of ribbon decoration. It is ...

Hot stamping foil and bronzing process

     The primary task of the hot stamping process is to select hot stamping foil. The nature of the hot foil foil bonding layer determines its adaptability to the material of the ...

Servo pad printer and servo screen printing machine

Basic requirements.   Good stability:   In the given parameter input, the ability to reach new or revert to the original equilibrium state after a short adjustment process; servo- ...

Numbering hot stamping machine and container seals

Number hot stamping machine is a kind of hot stamping machine that can print continuously and constantly changing numbers on the surface of products. It is the latest result of c ...

Decoration on Paint bucket

Plastic buckets with a diameter of more than 250mm are commonly used to hold chemical products such as paints, coatings, lubricants, and hydraulic oils.    The common practice in ...

High accurate screen printing Machine for PCB

The latest upgraded special circuit board printer PS-6090PE is mainly used for screen printing of high-precision circuit boards.     As we all know, precision circuit board, usua ...

Hot stamping machine for Paper-plastics composite bag

Paper-plastic composite packaging and aluminum foil composite packaging are widely used in the field of product packaging, and most users will use the method of first bronzing an ...

Embossing and bump stamping

Paper packaging using bump embossing and embossing foil will significantly improve the visual impact. The way to achieve embossing and embossing is to use embossed stamping to pr ...

How to choose hot stamping foil

The wide adaptability of silk screen printing ink has made the silk screen printing machine's reputation. Now it's time for the hot stamping machine to show its ability to do eve ...

Desktop screen printing machine really cheap?

Normal business management requires workers to work in a standing manner, so the vast majority of screen printers are vertical. Workers' standing operation also facilitates shop v ...

How to use Polymer plate on inktray-type pad printer?

Foreign users tend to use the Polymer Plate. P2-610 and P2-612 is such a big size pad printer to install polymer plate will be more convenient; One more environmentally friendly, ...

How to stamp on Fishing lures

The fishing method of simulating the swimming posture of the fish in the water and attracting the big fish to swallow the baits is a popular fishing method in recent years. The b ...

About pneumatic hot foil stamping machine

Pneumatic hot stamping machine uses the power of compressed air to control the pressing of hot head to complete the hot stamping action. It is the most popular type of hot stampi ...

Screen printing machine for disposable cups

Disposable cups are usually made from paper and plastic. They can be printed by pad printer, offset printer, sublimation transfer, hot stamping, thermal transfer, and other decor ...

Balloon screen printing machine in wedding industry

Balloons made of latex can be floated in the air after being filled with air to obtain a wide range of visual expression. Now it has become an important toy for children. As the ...

Hot stamping machine types

1) Manual Hot Stamping Machine - Use your hand to press the hot stamping head to complete the hot stamping work. Suitable for small quantities, flat products of various types, su ...

Technical parameter of hot foil stamping machine

Bronzing machine technical parameters determine the scope of its work and work characteristics, understanding bronzing machine technical parameters help to buy and use bronzing m ...

UV Curing machine for Automtic screen printing machine

Fully automatic screen printing machine, offset press equipped with UV curing machine all need faster speed, curing more than 2,000 products per hour.     Such UV curing machine ...

PM-3266FL Film output Machine used in toy industry

Traditional printing technology prepress process, making films is a very important aspect of high-quality film output relationship of the final print quality. Film output film is ...

Foil stamping machine for soft tube

Some plastic hose surface not only need silk screen, and sometimes also need bronzing and thermal transfer, automatic stamping machine and heat transfer machine, semi-automatic st ...

Screen printing precoss of new heat transfer paper.

Printed on clothing mainly involves two processes: one is the screen printing process, the other is the transfer process, the transfer process occupies 63% of the market share, s ...

Cold-stamping process

In a large area of paper hot stamping is one of the main processing technology of packaging decoration industry, Roll-on full automatic bronzing machine prices more expensive, bu ...

Introduce Roller sublimation transfer machine

1. Why use oil conduction heating technology? Roller sublimation printing machine commonly adopt the design of heating tube inside the tube, heating tube power generation after h ...

Overprint on cylinder without registering point

In general, in order to achieve the silk screen products overprint, we will use the structure of the product itself, such as the handle of the cup, the cave of the bottle pits, t ...

India Customer Visited KC printing machine Limited

Mr Sandip from India visited KC Printing Machine Limited on July 11.2017

Pakistan Customer visited KCPM

June 30, 2017, Mr Reiny from Palistan Visited KC Printing Machinery factory.

Customer from Pakistan Visited KCPM

May 19, 2017, Mr Fuqan and Mr Dinesh visited KC Printing Machinery Co., Ltd..

Bangladesh customer visited KCPM

Mr Hassan from Bangladesh visited the KC Printing Machinery Co., Ltd..

Chile client visited KCPM

May 6th ,.2017, Mr Rolenzo from chile visited KC Printing Machine Limited.

Philippines Clicents visited KCPM

International Labor Day company arranged to climb Luofu Mountain

Iran guest visit KCPM

April 26, 2017, Iran customer visited KC Printing Machine Limited.

India clients visited KC

Mr Narender and Mr Sahil visited KC on april 23.

The Guest from Brazil visited KCPM

At the beginning of new year, The Brazil businessman , Mr Amir paid a visit on KC printing machine

Uzbekistan clients Visited KC

On April 5th, Uzbekistan clients visited KC

India Guests Visited KCPM

Indian guest paid a visit to KCPM on April 1.

Dongguan Exhibition

On March 28-31. KC show printing machine at Dongguan exhibition

Pakistan customer visited KC

On 26th March 2017 , Pakistan customer visited KC Printing Machine Limited.

Columbia Guest visited KC Printing machine

On the March 15th, Mr Wison from columbia , paid a successful visit to KCPM .

India customers visited KCPM

India Guest Visited KCPM on March 16. 2017.

Screen printing on electric circuit

Screen printing technology despite a relatively simple technology, but in the high-precision circuit board industry applications still poses a challenge to many practitioners. Ci ...

Pad printing machine and automation

Automated printing machine determines their prices. But what is meant by automatic printing machine it? Broadly speaking, can automatically stop the movement known as automatic pr ...

Venezuela clients visited KC

Venezuelan customers visit KC and order callendar machines

Manual octopus garment screen printing machine

The brand KC printing machine more expensive than made in Shandong, Zhejiang though not much to sell, also a dozen a year, but still subject to a number of high-end users, especi ...

Pre-treatment device for pen-rod screen printer

Most use a plastic pen cheap PP material, in the case of adhesion to the less demanding, using a dedicated PP silk screen printing ink, can not use pre-press, but there are strin ...

Filipino customers visited KC

Mr Michael Komala and his wife , General Manager of PT Srikaya Maha Pestu ,visited Dongguan KC Printing Machine Limited on Jule 26, 2016 Accompanied by KC's Greneral Manager,Kelv ...

The open distance of hot stamping machine

Maximum opening distance of bronzing machine is a very important parameter, which determines the maximum height of stamping products. Some products with complex shape, need to ma ...

Bronzing on auto front shield

Cars front shield play a decorative , cooling effect, the irregular shape of the convex surface, to the raised parts of the tipping is not an easy task. MAZDA, KIA, Front shield ...

Ribbon foil hot stamping process

In addition to taking direct part ribbon bronzing method, most of the webbing or indirect stamping process, stamping process compared to the direct, indirect adhesion fastness fo ...