Foil stamping samples-Cylinder objects, Round objects

   Glass cups generally adopt the process of indirect hot stamping, that is, silk screen glass varnish first, can use solvent-based glass varnish, or UV glass varnish, use IR and UV drying and then use hot stamping machine or thermal transfer machine for hot stamping. You need to buy curved screen printing machine S-125S curved screen printing machine, tunnel drying oven or curved surface curing machine, curved surface bronzing machine or heat transfer machine to complete. It can also be done by purchasing an automatic printing machine, which includes a silk screen printing machine, IR and UV curing devices and hot stamping devices.

Hot stamping samples-plastic parts, licence plate, flying plate

Hot Stamping samples-Auto front cover

    The car front fender is mainly used for the heat dissipation of the car engine, and it is also a symbolic part of the car shape design, which often arouses high interest and desire of consumers. The front fender of the car often has a complicated appearance, and contains grids and protrusions of different sizes and special shapes. Many automobile manufacturing factories use hot stamping technology to install the grid of the front fender of the car, which not only shows the elegance and luxury of the car, but also Reduce the pollution of traditional electroplating process.
     The hot stamping of the front fender of the car is a difficult process. You need a pneumatic hot stamping machine or hydraulic hot stamping machine with huge pressure and high-precision fixtures and silicone molds for one-time hot stamping. The hot stamping machine required for one-time hot stamping is large in size, high in pressure, and difficult to manufacture. Many factories cannot manufacture it. Many factories manufacture small-sized hot stamping machines for segmental hot stamping on the grid of the front fender of the car. The effect is also good. For The technical difficulty of bronzing jigs and silicone membranes has been greatly reduced.

Hot Stamping samples-Bottle caps

Hot stamping samples-Paper and leather

Hot stamping samples-zipper

Hot foil stamping samples-waste bin, crates, Storage box

    Some dustbins and turnover boxes have special hot stamping. They are usually not entities, but have a huge internal space. The key to the hot stamping of these products is to make a jig with strong supporting capacity, which not only has good rigidity but also has an adjustment function.
       The hot stamping machine has a cantilever structure and is especially suitable for hot stamping of frame products.
       Due to the large size and various shapes of the frame products, the adjustment space of the ironing head of the hot stamping machine is also large. Another feature: Most of the frame products are made of hard plastic and recycled materials mixed by injection molding. The difficulty of stamping is high and requires a lot of pressure, and the stamping surface of the frame is often deformed, which requires high pressure to compensate.

Hot stamping samples-Gift case, Jewelry box, food box

Gilding samples-clock disc, Cosmetic case, Paper card, Paper package

   Signs in tourist attractions, decorative paintings hanging in houses, and some advertising signs may use woodwork pyrography, which is a structure decorated with laser engraving machines or bronzing machines, although more and more users choose Laser engraving machines, there are still many users who buy bronzing machines to make such paintings. The bronzing machine has a strong pressure, which can make graphic and text imprints with deep marks. With the exquisite ironing board, pyrography on wood board is a new type of art that is pleasing to the eye. When you are involved in pyrography on wood, you can choose a pneumatic hot stamping machine with a pressure of about 10 tons and a hydraulic hot stamping machine with a pressure of about 20 tons. Since you don’t need to use hot stamping paper, you can also remove the hot stamping paper delivery mechanism on the machine.

Gilding samples-toolbox, gift box, Paper box

Foil stamping samples-wooden case, wooden box, Wine box, Gift case

Foil stamping samples- Greeting cards, Invitation cards, wedding invitation

Hot stamping samples-Soft tube

   Hose generally refers to a soft plastic tube extruded from polyethylene. It is often used in the packaging of facial cleanser, skin cream, toothpaste, ointment and other products in cosmetics. After packaging, the viscous fluid will flow out under the action of pressure. Hot stamping of hoses is a very common process:
1) Semi-automatic curved surface stamping machine: during the stamping process, the hose is generally made of a metal shaft with the same outer diameter as the inner diameter of the hose, inserted into the hose and placed on the workbench. The workbench can shuttle and slide, driving the hose to rotate, and the hose to rotate When it is in close contact with the hot stamping plate on the hot plate, the hot stamping is completed.
2) The automatic curved surface stamping machine is adopted, and the automatic hose stamping machine adopts a vertical turntable to connect the automatic feeding mechanism and the automatic unloading mechanism. Heightened.