Rotating  plain screen printing machine

   Turntable screen printing machine is an important type of transition from semi-automatic flat screen printing machine to automatic flat screen printing machine. By upgrading the workbench to a structure that can be rotated and alternately conveyed, the degree of automation of the flat screen printing machine has been improved. The turntable table can be set to 4, 6, 8 or more stations ensure the continuous delivery of products and reduce the waste of time during product printing. After the turntable screen printing machine is equipped with a manipulator, the printed product can be grabbed to the IR drying oven or the conveyor belt of the drying oven to realize a relatively automated production line, which is also a trend of today's screen printing machines. The elements of the rotary screen printing machine include:
  Screen printing ink, the type of ink is selected according to the material of the product, and the color is selected according to the color required by the design. Whether it is an ink of a famous foreign brand or a domestic brand, as long as it meets the customer's requirements after testing, it can be delivered.
  Screen printing jigs: Turntable screen printing machines usually need to make the same number of jigs as the number of workstations, and the uniformity and interchangeability of the jigs are better.
   Screen printing screen: The screen printing screen should be made according to the printing pattern provided by the user. You can hand it over to a third party or make it yourself.
   Screen printing squeegee: Screen printing squeegee is usually a rubber tool made of polyurethane material with a rectangular or triangular or even more complex cross-sectional shape. It is in close contact with the screen and squeezes the ink onto the product surface through angle and pressure.

Rotating screen printing machine print on balloon

   The balloon screen printing machine belongs to the category of flat screen printing machines, but because the balloon needs to be blown up to a certain size before printing, its softness determines that it will deform under a certain pressure, so the printing accuracy cannot be high, and the accuracy of overprinting Also very low. But the silk screen printing machine is currently the only printing machine that can print on balloons. The fixture of the balloon screen printing machine is a tray, and the balloon is held up during printing, while the screen printing screen and screen printing squeegee are exactly the same as other screen printing machines, but the ink has very distinctive characteristics, such as excellent flexibility and pull Extensibility, its drying speed is also very high. The balloon screen printing machine also has the difference between the standard screen printing machine and the rotary screen printing machine, which mainly determines the difference in the number of fixtures. In addition, when the number of colors exceeds four colors, it is also very common for balloon screen printing machines to adopt the structure of chain assembly line transmission.

Manual garment screen printing 

Plain screen printer for Plastics square box

Cylinder screen printer for Barrel

Servo positioning Screen printing for Plastics bottle

PP plastics bucket screen printing process

   In the plastic packaging industry and cosmetic packaging industry, polyethylene and polypropylene materials are widely used due to their excellent processing ability and chemical corrosion resistance, which has also become a problem that the silk screen printing process must face.
   The chemical resistance of polyolefin materials is a weak point for printing, which means that it will reduce the adhesion of ink. The current effective method is to use flame treatment, which can pour oxygen atoms on the surface of polyolefin materials 2. Weaken its non-polarity, thereby improving the adhesion of the ink
  For the screen printing process, if the ink is selected correctly and the flame surface treatment is used, the adhesion of the ink will be significantly improved, which will increase the attractiveness of the product itself to users.
  UV ink is especially commendable in terms of packaging in the cosmetics industry, because when you choose cosmetics, you are likely to be interested in the high gloss of the ink, mainly due to the gloss of the acrylic resin in the UV ink after curing. Now The use of ink in cosmetic packaging has increased to more than 85%.
  Another remarkable feature of the ink is that it must be irradiated by UV lamps to dry, so it is basically in a flowing state on the screen, and the situation of blocking the screen will basically not happen. This is the convenience of the operation, so when With the silk screen printing process, a curing machine with a curved surface must be selected. A single flame processor, curved screen printing machine, and UV curing machine constitute a complete solution for UV curved screen printing, but due to the interruption of the process, it is difficult to increase the printing speed, and the constraints of each link also restrict the technical ability of the operator.
   In recent years, the fully automatic hollow container bottle screen printing machine has been popular in the market. It integrates many processes such as automatic feeding, flame treatment, curved surface screen printing, UV curing and automatic unloading, etc., with fast speed, stability and few quality constraints. , has gradually seized the market occupied by semi-automatic printing, and has first been popularized in western developed countries and some large cosmetic factories.