Four colours automatic cap pad printer

Four colours automatic cap pad printer

Model No.︰SP4-406ACT

Brand Name︰KC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 11029 / pic

Minimum Order︰1 pic

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Product Description

 Full automatically lid four colours pad printer/Structure

Feeding device

Conveyor, customized feeding system

Direction identification


Surface treatment

Flame treatment

Working table

16-station open-type working table


Automatically transport to printing position

Ink supply system

Open inkwell device

Plate size:


Ink drying device

IR Dying system



 Automatically cap four colours pad printer //Usage and characters


  • Suitable for printing plastic packaging bottle lids selling newly developed models, widely used in the beverage industry, oil industry, food industry, printing speed cap.
  • Using aluminum airframe manufacturing, running precise; solenoid valves and cylinders used in Germany and Taiwan products, more sustainable life. Open ink supply, the operation more convenient. Shaker automatic feeding device, smooth running, overprint precision.
  • Flame treatment with a special apparatus for the use of PP PE material of the cap, it can significantly improve the adhesion of the ink, can be printed one mold 6 with the specifications of the cap, the printing efficiency is greatly improved.
  • Standard configuration to use fast-drying solvent-based inks modeled PP can be designed for customers using UV printing inks UV curing device. However, UV printing ink coverage is not enough and slow drying black ink, printing efficiency will be slightly affected

Application fields

  • Suitable for all kinds of kid which diameter is under 25mm, Suitable PP PE and other plastics materials.

 Full automatically Bottle cap pad printing Machine//Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Max. plate size: 100×150 mm;
  • Max. worktable area: 125x200mm;
  • Max. printing area:85×130mm;
  • Max. printing speed: 3000pcs/hr;
  • Printable colour :4;
  • Stroke of table shuttle: 125mm

Works supply

  • Power: 3 phase 380V;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air ;
  • Liquefied petroleum Gas, Natural gas

Package list

  • Package dimension: 1750×1380×1500mm
  • Weight: 385kg
  • CBM: 3.6225





 full automatically Bottle-lid pad printing machine//Advantage


  • Using shaker automatic feeding system;
  • Microcomputer control action;
  • Equipped with four-digit auto counter;
  • High-strength aluminum alloy body construction, durable;
  • Oil ink roller assembly and disassembly, and easy to clean;
  • Independent of the plastic head of stroke and speed adjustment;
  • Self-balancing of the squeegee, scraping cleanly;
  • Two printing a pattern ink stick, ink get thicker;
  • The printing speed can be adjusted to meet different printing requirements;
  • With a blank line uniform ink functionality;
  • Can be printed on color, monochrome;
  • Independent oil pan seat cover color adjustment structure;
  • Automatic blow dry, color printing easy;
  • Automatic flame treatment plant, the production of materials for PP PE bottle;
  • PP solvent-based inks, instant dry;
  • A multi-mode digital printing, to improve production efficiency;
  • Famous brand pneumatic components, make sure the printing machine can change and stability

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